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Viet Nis was established on February 7, 2011. With the goal of bringing technology closer to life and business in Vietnam. Viet Nis hope may contribute in part to the modernization of the country Vietnam.

Viet Nis was started with the idea to offer Internet service to the residence of the branch. Industrial University of Ho Chi Minh Quang Ngai city. From that developed it infrastructure services for enterprises and organizations. Then, Viet Nis developed other areas: web services, online marketing. Up to the present time. Viet Nis have increased the number of customers in all over the prefectures in  Vietnam.



Start with the idea of providing Internet service, with the mission to bring the network information right from the start.

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"I" means the Internet. It is considered the largest global information network. The Internet itself has created a revolution on the generation of information for the 20th century.

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Viet Nis brings Services including: network system services and other services offered on the Internet.

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& Mission vision


The mission

Provides information technology solutions and value based on the system of the Internet for small and medium enterprises in Vietnam.


The vision

In 2018, becoming Vietnam's leading business on providing technology solutions for small and medium businesses Vietnam.

The slogan & Logo

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