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Network maintenance services for business

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Today computers have become indispensable working tools are in the business. Your computer or local network, the internet malfunctioned will influence right to work. Also if malfunctioning, software or hardware, then the work has stopped. Affect the internal work, to suppliers, to customers. Costs due to work done slowly, due to the cost of the work has stopped, the cost of lost opportunity ... growing. Therefore, the need to ensure for the computer system, internal network, the internet always works well.

Like many other job types, businesses can hire external professional services on maintenance of computer systems, network.

This FREE service is provided in the NIS strategy implementation the goal is "long-term, reliable partners" of customers-guarantee for the customer's information system operates smoothly, reliably and efficiently. The interests of the customer when using the services of care and maintenance of computer systems a

  • nd networks: the property was preserved well due to be fixed kỳ'Hệ care network, computer operation, nhanh'Hạn speed minimum computer failure modes when doing việc'Bảo safety and security when accessing the local network and internet'Được network response time when the problem with the computer, mạng'Tiết save for the cost of the time and opportunity to do because the computer network run slowly, stopped

Customers can choose from many different services related to maintenance of computer systems, the network:

1. System maintenance, computer 1/1, time:

  • Computer technician to arrive, check and fix bugs PC operating system, application software, eliminating viruses, spyware, Trojans ... and junk file arises during use in order to optimize the system, help to stay healthy and stable activity. ' test and exclude permanent software does not have to release the system resources (RAM, CPU, HDD, ...) "Clean computer hardware (Monitor, keyboard, mouse, power, case, mainboard, Fan ...), network (modem, hub, switch, cable ...) help for the property of the customer always guarantee hygiene, durability and extend the life of the machine. ' to check and make sure the network service (SERVER) is installed and stable (DNS operations , DHCP, Gateway, ...) ' Inspection and maintenance of security systems, decentralize the system as required. ' examining and ensuring the exploitation and resource sharing on the network between the computer and the printer, DataServer, Webserver, MailServer ... ' instructions on how to use a computer safely and effectively; advice, how to backup data and other safety information on the network. Network consulting solutions, optimized in use and cost savings.

2. Fix arise upon request.

3. In addition FREE NIS also offers the following services

  • Provides the copyright of the software Microsoft, Kaspersky ... ' advice network solutions for enterprises (survey, written records). ' computer supplying (work machine, server), hardware components and the other quan'Cấu server and the services running on your chủ'Thiết design, construction supervision constructing the network system, ' printer ink Refills

Gói Cơ Bản
$ 5 00
  • Máy'Bảo bad track record of periodic maintenance each month ' housekeeping ' hardware support TEAMVIEWER ' install software updates ' & supports new hardware ch
Gói Chuyên Nghiệp
$ 10 00
  • 'Bảo bad track record of periodic maintenance each month ' hardware ' toilet support TEAMVIEWER ' install ' software update Support & support replacement of hardware troubleshooting parts ' in on ' technical support ' system of systems ' printer maintenance maintenance network systems ' Camera ' system maintenance maintenance system clocking

Please contact us immediately to be surveyed and advice maintenance service of computer system for your business:

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