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Currently, according to the statistics of the world have 144.8 billion Emails are sent every day and on average each person received 112 email/day. And the electronic mail forms are increasingly important role in human life and is an indispensable component for a business. With email service towards the audience is small and medium businesses, Viet Nis brought to enterprises, free services organization and a fee as follows:


Email Free for business

In order to better support for businesses that make business, Viet Nis free support the installation of the free email service system of the prestigious partners in the world: Zoho, Fastmail, Pobox, .... But is the free service but on the convenience, security, stability, ... Viet Nis remain committed not inferior to any service that charges in Vietnam. View more


Email Pro

To meet the demand for businesses that wish to use the more advanced mail of enterprises. Viet Nis provides Email Services specifically for businesses that wish to use email with large capacity and bandwidth, computer security and myriad other applications that support comes in the course of the work of members in the Organization, ... Viet Nis is partner of the email service provider, mail server and Office applications on the cloud platform should be leading the world as: Google, Microsoft, 1 & 1, Zoho, ... View more


Email Marketing

With the strong growth of the number of email users at present, form Email Marketing today are increasingly important role in the current Online Marketing campaign, especially in the areas of B2B and E-commerce with the low-cost advantage is that ultra high efficiency compared to other forms of Marketing.

Viet Nis provide enterprises, organization of services, tools and resources supporting Email Marketing done best for overall Marketing strategy. View more