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In order to meet the demands of continuous and stable operation of computer systems and other support equipment for the business of the small and medium enterprises. Free Nis provides computer services to serve your business:


Lắp your computer

With experience on the trade of computers over the years, Nis offers computer installation services for businesses with cost and quality in line with the needs of the business. Besides ensuring compatibility between devices, Nis also supports setting the best software to support business in the business process. View more 

2Bảo computer system

To maintain the stability of computer systems, Nis provides maintenance service of computer system in order to ensure the stable operation of the equipment in the system: computer, printer, scanner, network system, server, ... And Free Nis always had the technical team duty to remedy unintended situations of the enterprise. View more 


Nạp printer cartridge

Printing needs in growing businesses. Printing products growing also makes for confused business products, printing techniques. Free Nis provides services to help enterprises reduce the difficulty of this work with the lowest cost and most convenient. View more