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VEMO Email Marketing systems introduction

Date: November 11, 2013 Author: tritran Category: Chưa phân loại Comments: 0
VEMO Email Marketing system provides solution partners make the most professional Email Marketing. Support partners implement, evaluate, extract reports, ... the Email Marketing campaign perfectly.
Create professional email templates

Whether you are trading in the area, just few taps you can already create and send HTML email looks professional and impressive to potential customers.

Create professional email templates-Vietnis Mail

Create professional email templates-VEMO

Vietnis Mail gives you the professional HTML email designs for many business sectors, including retail, finance, real estate and entertainment, the .... You can select a sample of available email or use the email templates you design.
Vietnis Mail also makes it easy to preview your emails before send only with the very simple operation. An email will be sent to your mailbox before sending to the client. Moreover, Vietnis Mail also helps you create the email separate style by uploading a company logo and insert it into your email.

Build and manage email lists
Email campaign statistics tracking-Vietnis Mail

Track Email campaign statistics

Vietnis Mail helps you build and develop unlimited potential client list. You can divide, manage client lists in a variety of different purposes.

With Vietnis Mail, you can manage customer lists in an easy way. The fields parameter allows you to categorize and archive information of customers based on the parameters are available as an email address, customer name, age, country, ..., or the parameters you set depending on your field: income, habit, field work, and. .. And there are many other features that help you build and manage email lists, such as:

  • Create a biệt'Thêm own contact list address contact hệ'Nhập contact file'Xuất file'Chặn out from an email address or domain name


Create and send online surveys
Create and send online surveys-Mail Vietnis

Create survey

You can create polls and sent to thousands of customers quickly. This survey helps you income data, reviews the potential market, statistics of consumer habits of the customers is quite another ... From there take out the marketing campaign specifically for your products, your services. Online survey function provides a full range of professional features of survey: as m selection, text input, ladders, ... help the marketers made many different steps of the survey: purged, statistics, ...

Setting up self-feedback

Set up automatic email response-Vietnis Mail

Set up automatic feedback

Self-feedback allows you to create a projected chain of emails sent automatically. Email setup self-feedback will be sent after the newsletter from your contact list or after a period of time you have preset.

Mail Vietnis help you to order settings for each event varies by request and a specific time. For example, you can set an automatic response to send immediately after the registration receive promotions for new users.


Statistical tracking

With each campaign mail sent, Vietnis Mail will help you complete the data statistics, important information to evaluate the effectiveness of email campaigns sent.

Email campaign statistics tracking-Vietnis Mail

Track Email campaign statistics

  • How many of your emails were sent đi'Bao much percent of subscribers have opened the message of bạn'Ai have to click on a link in your email and click on the link nào'Có how many people register was himself struck by bạn'Có how many people sign up that you can not send email to the nơi'Vietnis Mail will present data according to the form of charts and graphs, allows you to determine the performance of an email campaign after it is sent. You can also export all data to Excel file as needed

Personalization of content

Why should personalize email content?

Personalize email content sent-Mail Vietnis

Personalization of content

Very simple. One of the best ways to ensure your email will be read by many people that is contain their name in the subject line of the email. Email containing the recipient's name will cause the client to have the feel of her own message and cause them to want to open the message.

The more you personalize your email how many then as much feedback from the recipients come to you. This means more sales and more feedback comes to you from each email campaign is sent
With just the simple operation, Vietnis Mail will help you submit to thousands of a mail with their name in full. Moreover, Vietnis Mail offers you the custom type as: their name, age, gender, living areas, ... This helps you partition the email easily and accurately.


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